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We are a Company You Can Trust

We have 37 years of experience helping individuals throughout Wisconsin win money by teaching them how to beat the system with our casino system.

As one of the top 3 prognosticators in the United States, Wiz Kid Sports Services is a company you can trust. Over 87% of our predictions for NFL games have been accurate over the last 37 years.

The WizKid Blackjack System Really Works!

Here are some what our students have to say about our system.

I have gone to the casino before learning the WizKid system knowing just the basics and lost my money. After learning the WizKid system and following the instructions I went to casino with confidence and started winning regularly. The first time I went and played the player next to me called me the silent assassin. Why, because my pile chips kept steadily growing for playing less than 2 hours, its a nice little bonus after a hard week at work
— Jeff S.

Once I learned the WizKid system I started playing for $5.00 per hand. Now I am playing for $25.00 or more per hand. The WizKid system made me into a great Blackjack player
— Bonnie M

The WizKid has taught me so well that I usually double my money playing Blackjack within 2 hours and with his personal experience and knowledge of gambling I now go to the craps table between 10:30-10:45 and place $50 on the field and I win 5 out of 7 times
— Zonnie C

After learning the WizKid Blackjack system I feel like a pro at the Blackjack tables. I know the WizKid system inside and out and now I can show my friends how to win regularly at Blackjack.
—Joseph W



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