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Receive valuable information on how to make the best casino bets to earn money fast with Wiz Kid Sports Services in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Whether you want to win at blackjack or beating the slot machines, we have the helpful tips you need to get lady luck on your side.

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Stop Losing at the Casino. The WizKid Blackjack System is a proven way to win anywhere. Easy step by step instructions on how to play Blackjack. We will show you what to do with every hand and what you do with each dealer hand.

The WizKid Blackjack system is a proven way to improve your chances of winning almost every time you play Blackjack. We will show you how to manage your money, when to stop playing, where to sit at the table, when to double down, when to split, when to take a hit or when to stay, how to count cards and much, much more. The WizKid has been banned from his local casino. Why? Because Dale Adams (A Professional Gambler for over 40 years) is too good and he will show you his secrets to success, from beginning to end.

The WizKid will show you how to get a Free meal from the casino. All this will cost you is 8 hands of Blackjack. You will make up the cost of this book in One trip to the Blackjack table. Blackjack Players who never played before have shown us that they too won the first time out.

Using the Blackjack WizKid systems is so easy to understand and learn you will be a constant winner at the Blackjack Table. Don't take our word for this, read the back cover and see what some our players have told us. Impress your friends when you can tell them the last card in the deck is. So much valuable information is included in the WizKid Blackjack System.

You don't have much to lose, but you will have everything to gain. Become a winner today!


Craps can be complicated if you never played before. We made it so simple anyone can and will WIN, Yes ANYONE WILL WIN.

Our system is too easy where you just can’t lose. This one page system will show you how to make $70 in less than 30 rolls. NO KIDDING!

We will prove it to you.. All you need is a pair of dice and pad of paper. Roll the dice and in less than 30 rolls of the dice,  YOU WILL WIN $70.00.

No need to study. It’s so simple. Our system will work for an amateur or even an experience player. Our Craps system will pay for Itself in less than one trip to the casino.

Winning at Roulette The Wiz Kid Way

The Wiz Kid system will show you 3 easy ways to play and win at the Roulette table. Following the rolling ball all the way to the bank using the Wiz Kid System. One page booklet with easy to follow instructions.

Beating The Slot Machines

There are 3 tips on Beating the Slots. No need to be a rocket scientist. Our experience and knowledge will show you when to play, how to play and Where to play at the casino.

ALL Backed by our 100% refund policy.

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